How Software Patents Actually Work

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2005-04-18 -- Learn how software patents actually work in this easy to follow and fun animation.

The animation

Directed by Gavin Hill. Animation by Grant Gilchrist. Narration by Andy Turvey.

At least current versions of Xine, mplayer and Videolan Client should be able to play both high quality formats under Linux (thanks to ffmpeg and libavc). No binary Windows/x86 codecs are required. Older versions of mplayer, or sometimes also recent ones marked as "unencumbered" by your distribution, may only be able to play the Windows Media version (and the lower quality mpeg1 version).

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http://media.ffii.org/animation/00000793.png http://media.ffii.org/animation/00000917.png http://media.ffii.org/animation/00001950.png http://media.ffii.org/animation/00004246.png

Background information


If you are concerned about how software patents will affect you and your business, it's very important that you talk to your representatives in the European Parliament:

Specific to the United Kingdom:

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