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What will happen next in with Regard to Software Patents, in particular the EU directive project? What is up in India, Australia? at WIPO, WSIS? FFII & friends try to keep this page up to date.

Software patents, as a back door in the Community Patent Directive?

After failing to push through software patents with the CII-directive, using EPO-newspeak, the commission has reawakened the community patent directive. This now comes with a a dangerous twist: That the new court should use the EPO-praxis on software patents.

FFII Position on the Community Patent


EU "CII" Directive Project (valid before 7/6 2005)

Co-Decision Procedure Timetable

see also EP 2nd reading session schedule.


The software patent agreement of 2004-05-18 did no longer enjoy the support of a legitimated majority of governments, but it has been pushed thru the Council nevertheless. The FFII asked 23 Questions, to which one member received a written response which did not answer them and thereby only strengthened the impression of illegality. Investigation and Commemoration of the Council's Adoption Farce of 2005-03-07 will have to continue.


Indian Government Ordinance

Change with regard to software patents stopped for the time being, but granting of software patents in India not stopped.

Australia-USA Free Trade Agreement

The AUSFTA will be used to push the limits of patentability or to legitimate caselaw created by the patent judiciary.