CEPIS and Software Patents

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CEPIS (Council of European Professional Informatics Societies), is the European Meta organisation of Information Societies where for exacple the German GI (Gesellschaft fuer Informatik) is a memeber and the Spanish ATI (Asociación de Técnicos de Informática.):

A proposal for a position of CEPIS by its member ATI (Spain):


It seems that for now, they have not yet decided on their final position.


The 2003 issue of their magazine cepis-upgrade has a number of articles in the area of software patents and the open commons:


A Note on Software Patents [PDF: 1 pages, 551 KB] Pierre Haren Abstract: A set of brief notes with his opinions on software patents is offered by the author. http://www.upgrade-cepis.org/issues/2003/3/up4-3Haren.pdf

Legal Tools to Protect Software: Choosing the Right One [PDF: 3 pages, 673 KB] Roberto Di Cosmo Abstract: This article investigates the relative merits of the different legal tools available to protect software, in the very moment when the European Community considers changing its public policy on these issues. We offer a few clear arguments on the impact that the different legal tools have on software development and innovation, and urge the readers to form their own opinion.


Software Patentability and CEPIS [PDF: 3 pages, 556 KB] Upgrade Editor?s Contribution Abstract: The Editor of Upgrade introduces and publishes the positions on software patents put forward by two CEPIS member societies ? GI, Germany, and ATI, Spain:


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