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The Danish government has traditionally left patent matters almost completely in the hands of the Danish Patent and Trademark Office (DKPTO), which has been one of the most vigorous promoters of the patent faith and of software patentability in Europe. However, as in other countries, the DKPTO's control over the dossier has recently started to become shaky.

The government can't draw on its usual supporter, the EU skeptical Danish People's Party (Dansk Folkeparti) in this matter, so draws support from the main opposition party, the Social Democrats. Right now they are undecided, but check for updates.

On the Feb. 8 election the Christian Democrats lost all of their 4 seats. They are strong software patent opponents, and while their votes were uninfluential this means the loss of a speaking platform against unlimited patentability.


Patent Movement in the Name of the Danish Government

Their activities of the patent officials in the Danish Ministry of Economics include

Danish Patent Office stricter on Prior Art ?

D. Martin explained at the FFII Conference 2004 that his company is supplying prior art search services for the DKPTO which have enabled them to reject many more patents than other patent offices. This in turn has diminished the revenues of the DKPTO, because applicants now prefer to go to the EPO instead.

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