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General information

Janelly Fourtou is a respected figure, but some challenged that she might stand "in the shadow" of her husband Jean-Rene Fourtou, Leading French businessman, the CEO/Chairman of Vivendi (Universal) (before that chair of Aventis), one of the worlds 4 big media corporations and Jean-Rene was also Chairman of the ICC, the International Chamber of Commerce, obviosly the largest worldwide lobby organisation for big business, but Janelly denied to stand in the shadow of Jean-Rene. It is however known now that they placed their stock investments together and that Janelly benefits from IPR as Jean-Rene by the millions.

Janelly Fourtou's latest project was the IPR Enforcement Directive. Read her latest letter on IPRED and a comment.

Janelly Fourtou is involved in the European Internet Foundation, which has served as a relay for much of the lobbying of the "IP Community" in the European Parliament.

Fourtou used the usual dissimulating tactics concerning software patents: voting for unlimited patentability and at the same time claiming that "unlike in the US", in Europe "only real inventions", "not algorithms and business methods", "not programs as such" would "remain" patentable.

News and Chronology

Mr Fourtou, the Chairman and CEO of Vivendi Universal, will serve for two years at the head of ICC (International Chamber of Commerce). He assumes the office of ICC Chairman from January 1, 2003.

"ICC, the voice of international business":

With more than 8,000 member companies in over 140 countries, ICC is the largest, most representative private sector association in the world.

Accepting his new post at ICC's annual World Council meeting before a gathering of some 80 international business leaders, Mr Fourtou said he looked forward to raising awareness of the vital work ICC does for the world business community.

"Public affairs have become strategic for business and most CEOS have to spend more and more time dealing with these kinds of subjects.

"It is in this context that ICC's main role - as the voice of business and the advocate of an open international trade and investment system - has never been more important.

"Like ICC's founders, who called themselves the merchants of peace, I believe that international trade is an important factor not only for economic growth and job creation, but also as a means of promoting better understanding between nations."

Headquartered in Paris, ICC employs a permanent staff of some 120 professionals - formulating international business policy, presiding over the world's premier court of arbitration and helping to represent the interests of companies to national governments and intergovernmental organizations, including the UN, the WTO and the G8.

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