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Wuermeling speech of 2003-09-23

The original language(german) transcript of his last speech on September 23 in the Plenary is found via the german version of this wiki page.

The Daily Notebook from 2003-09-23 of the EuroParl has a summary of his last speech:

" Joachim WUERMELING (D), for the EPP-ED group, broadly supported the rapporteur, and he alluded to the technical and legal difficulties surrounding the issue. He regretted the sometimes personal and irrational lobbying that had taken place. His groups' aim was to ensure all business, including SMEs, could benefit from the legislation. He was also particularly concerned that the directive would properly protect the open-source community including Linux. His group, he stated, was against any patenting of actual software. "

This is of course a highly deceptive discourse. The talk about the open-source community and small businesses is not backed up by any real measures. The talk about "not patenting actual software" means simply that Wuermeling supports "only" broad claims which cover an infinite number of independent software creations, not narrow claims that just cover one software creation (which is anyway covered by copyright more effectively than it would be by patents). See

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