Consumer Protection and Software patents

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There is lack of a consumer's view on software patents. FFII has worked with Consumer organisations and caucuses such as BEUC, the Consumer Project for Technology and the transatlantic consumers dialogue (TACD). We try to collect ideas and facts and draft a position statement.

Impacts of patents on consumers

(Henrion Benjamin draft 2004-12-22)

Talk about impact on consumers is lacking in the software patent discussion, although the impact is huge:

  1. higher prices
  2. less competition
  3. more buggy products or no products at all
  4. libre software erased or illegal
  5. privacy hurt by disparition of free software -> you exclude yourself from the Information Society because there is only binary apps available, which you do not control what they are really doing

  6. less diversity -> less jobs and less productivity for consumers

To Do

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