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WIPO has a special project of activities on "IPR and !SMEs" which is mainly concerned aboutpromoting the patent system among small and medium enterprises. WIPO has published documents that promote software patents claiming that they help spur innovation and economic growth. Upon demand for explanations, no supporting references to economic studies were given. FFII is accredited as an observer at WIPO.


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WIPO lobbyists in European Parliament

Wipo has two persons registered as lobbyists at European Parliament

WIPO failing to explain advantage of software patents

WIPO has no economic expertise


WIPO Accreditation Notice

"Your organization will henceforth also be invited to attend, in an observer capacity, meetings of the Standing Committees and other Committees of Experts of WIPO if their subject matter appears to be of its direct interest".

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WIPO events usually start 10h.

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wipo-help at ffii.org (mail arebenti at ffii.org to join)

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