On your "European Software Patents: Assorted Examples" page (http://swpat.ffii.org/patents/samples/index.en.html), there are quite a few duplicate entries. E.g., "visualising a process", "intuitive network configuration", up to "digital signature with extra info".

More Examples:

Decisions of the Boards of appeal of the EPO

Case Number: T 1177/97 - 3.5.1 ("1177/97" is enough to remember)

Patent of SYSTRAN for searching shorter word stems in a dictionary has been upheld

Date of decision: 09 July 2002

This decision of the Boards of appeal uphelds a patent from SYSTRAN against being challenged by SIEMENS Nixdorf Informationsysteme Aktiengeseelschaft and Logos Computer Integrated Translation GmbH

The decision found that the inventitive step of the innovation is searching the dictionary again if no match is found, just by incrementally removing letters from the end of the search words, until a match is found or a predefined limit is reached:


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