2004-07-22 EE RMS & FFII explain the dangers of software patents in Tallinn

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Some pictures of event

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That was kewl! Because of the many road works on the way from Riga to Tallinn, the speakers arrived nearly one hour later than expected. Fortunately, the audience was very patient and there were about 150 people waiting for Dr. Richard Stallman (FSF), Marco Schulze (FFII Germany & CEO of a German SME) and Christian Engström (FFII Sweden).

1st speech - Dr. Stallman: How Software Patents Hamper Software Development

RMS explained in a funny and easy to understand way how harmful software patents are. He quoted the Economist and compared the patent system to a lottery. This way he made the argumentation of patent proponents understandable as these people publish the same kind of advertisement for software patents as it is done for a lottery: Highlighting the unlike advantages while hiding the very probable disadvantages - in regard to software patents more catastrophes than just disadvantages.

Please take a look here for more infos:

2nd speech - Marco Schulze: Economic Effects Of Software Patents

Unfortunately, time was very short, because the speakers had to get the last flight to Helsinki. Thus, Mr. Schulze dropped his speech and added only some remarks on the speech of Mr. Engström.

His presentation about the bad impact of software patents onto economy is available here:

Audio/Video recordings and transcriptions soon?! from the speeches in the other countries are available here:

3rd speech - Christian Engström: What is going on in Brussels and what is FFII doing

Because of the short time, Mr. Engström could not set up his notebook for the presentation. Thus, the white board was used and he explained how legislation in Brussels works and where the directive about software patentibility is currently standing. Mr. Schulze added that it was not yet too late to change the Council's decision, because May 18th was only a pre-decision (the final one is expected at the end of September). Both emphasized how easy it is to get politically active, because 1st most MEPs are very open for input from their constituents and 2nd the people on the FFII mailing lists are helping to get the first steps done.


The Ogg Theora video recordings are available here:

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