FFII Team 2005 -- what the committed members can do

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phm: planning, mobilisation, reporting, documentation, amendments studies

has the overall responsibility for planning, making things happen and reporting results, and harakiri unless 367 !MEPs vote right in the end.

phm should also have some spare time for assuring good communication with the scientific community and provision of expertise to !MEPs.

erjos: europarl lobbying

takes responsibility for bringing about communication between members of the European Parliament (!MEPs) and experts/stakeholders of our side. He could thereby take much of the organisational burden off Hartmut's shoulders.


blasum: finances, letters to supporters, logistics

peterg: printed materials

is providing printed materials and making sure they arrive at the Brussels office and in one or the other journal where we can afford to insert them.


willing to work full-time. has full information about situation in LV. can do scripting/programming work in bash, perl. has access to genba. contacts SMEs in LV to get them to Brussels or at least leave a testimony


graphic designer, available to help supply elements needed for paper and web materials

uhlmann: maintenance

takes care of the

websites, checks & acknowledges new entries. Stephan works in his spare time and can not collect testimonies from corporate supporters.



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