Tim Frain's Software Patent Activism in the name of Nokia, EICTA et al

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Tim Frain, a British patent lawyer, works in Nokia's patent department and has been using this post to spend most of his time on lobbying the UK and the EU for a directive in favor of the European Patent Office's current practise of granting patents on computer programs, "computer program products", data processing methods etc. Frain has for long periods of time been a quasi-permanent resident of the European Parliament. Frain has been wearing that hat of Nokia, EICTA and Campaign For Creativity. Opera Inc has protested with Nokia against his activities, but Nokia's CEO was unable to refrain him. Frain's argumentation usually consists of very little else than wild claims of representing "the industry". Frain can however also give courteous lectures about the EPO's and Commission's policies that would fully qualify him as a competent ghostwriter even for these institutions. Frain has excellent contacts at this level as well as with the framers of the UK's patent policies.

News & Chronology

Tim Frain about FFII (2004-09-24)

Tim Frain paints us as left-wing anti-globalisation critics. Tim Frain uses misleading arguments such as the TRIPs obligations legend.

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