Creativity Campaigner Tribeka trying to patent sale of software over the Internet

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Daniel Doll-Steinberg and his company Tribeka Inc have been leading efforts of "Campaign for Creativity" to create an impression that small and medium enterprises want software patents. Tribeka itself does not own any patents but has applied for a broad European Patent on the sale of software over the Internet.

Doll-Steinberg is frequently quoted in press releases of Campaign for Creativity and has spoken at various occasions in the European Parliament in favor of software patents.

Tribeka seems to have two patent applications in the pipeline, both of which are not yet granted by the European Patent Office. Tribeka tries to lay broad monopoly claims to the well-known computer-implemented business method of offering a selection of software products for download. Doll-Steinberg claims in an article in the printed newspaper "Sunday Express" that his company would be completely worthless without its patents, which so far have not been granted, and for this purpose is asking the Parliament to approve the Council's Uncommon Position.

Claims of EP1536385

1. A method of distributing digital information at a user advice point comprising displaying information relating to at least one packageable digitised information product at the user advice point, receiving a selection instruction from a user selecting a digitised information product and providing a high resolution display image of the digitised information product packaging.

Claims of EP1145173


It is quite similar to the patent of WIBU, another software patent campaigner.

Daniel Doll-Steinberg is one of the leading SME supporters of Campaign for Creativity, as displayed in a leaflet called "Tribeka Story", which says:

This might let people suspect that Doll-Steinberg is pressed by his investors and hoping to placate them with patents, which however are difficult to obtain in this field due to the existence of prior art.

2005-05-05 Sunday Express article

In an article of Sunday Express, to be found in

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