Ulf Pehrsson

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Public Affairs stands for Lobbying, e.g. Portcullis Public Affairs is a Westminster lobbying group.

Spreads false claims about Parliament version. He seems to believe in that.

from: http://meritbbs.unimaas.nl/staff/harison/papers/EC2001/EC2001.htm SUMMARY: Ulf Petrusson - Structural transformation towards license-based R&D-structures

Is publicly organised and funded research in Europe going to be transformed into license-based structures? And is it so that in the process it has become important to transform knowledge, not only into assets, but also into commodities? The impact of information and communication technologies is especially interesting. Today the usage of databases in research is so extensive in certain fields that one could talk about the emergence of ”virtual laboratories”. Use of ICT’s makes it possible to govern information in a more organised way.

Commodification requires awareness of the creative origin and contractual claims

Commodification requires contractual control and license structures

Commodification requires a multilayered program for governance of knowledge

Commodification requires a knowledge and information-oriented infrastructure

Privatisation of knowledge - a commercial ethos in the research field?

The necessity of strength/market power to establish structures for cross-licensing?

Centralisation and specialisation of public research?

R&D-networks based on multi-layered governance structures - small actors are captured as knowledge providers without control? Policy making in structural captivity – a legal theoretical approach

Policymakers structurally captured to control intangibles – result of global competition & IPR’s?

Importance of a communicative and pluralistic understanding of IPR.

Awareness of property claims / intellectual property law as a façade for self assertive interests

Policy-makers as a cog in a communicative machinery that structurally transforms societies

Designing IP & IPR´s concepts as structural tools – the regulation level

Designing and using IP & IPR´s concepts as structural tools – the contractual levels

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