Professors and Companies Speak against Software Patents in Verona

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On May 26th 2005, a conference on software patents took place at the University of Verona. The meeting was co-organised by the University of Verona and FFII. Ante Wessels, speaking for FFII, explained that the Council needs a strong counter-point from the Parliament in order to be able to find a Common Position that really represents its members' will. There were about 50 people, mostly students, some smes, a petition was signed. Gregorio Piccoli, a representative of Zucchetti, a company with 1500 employees, spoke out against software patents.

Organization was done by Davide Quaglia !PhD and Prof Vittorio Murino of Verona University.

FFII thanks Lorenzo Grespan, who took the initiative for this all.

Piccoli speech

Piccoli made a nice joke: he said Einstein used to work for the Patent Office, but since then quality has dropped.

Dalle Vedove

Professor Giampaolo Dalle Vedove, University of Verona, expressed his doubts about software patents.

Ante Wessels: Council is talking about software patents directive again

Ante Wessels of FFII/Vrijschrift mentioned the fact that the Council is talking about the software patents directive too again, at the end:

Organisational Details

In case of questions about how to reach Verona or the University, or about places to stay overnight near the University, please contact Lorenzo Grespan (

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