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[ [:Cons050307En: Adoption Farce]
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[ [[Cons050307En| Adoption Farce]]
| [[SwpatcninoEn| Patent News]]

Belgian Minister Verwilghen says that the B-item request doesn't exist

-> [ Adoption Farce | Patent News ]

Brussles, 9 March 2005 -- Today, Zoe Genot, Member of the Belgian Parliament, asked a parliamentary question about the Competitiveness Council of Monday 7th March. In his answer about the Belgian position, the Minister said that the B-item request doesn't exist. This is at odds with the statement of the Luxemburg Presidency at the beginning of the meeting, which refers to a B-item request by Denmark, Poland and Portugal and says that this request is inadmissible.

There is no way to prove who is right, because there is no recording of what has been said during the whole Council. Only the "public deliberations" part is recorded.

Benjamin Henrion comments:

  • The Luxembourg Presidency lied anyway in Council. The fact that the Presidency misguided the Public and all the Council Members about the 'unwritten' rule, which from what Mr Krecké said, is written in the Council Rules of Procedure, is a joke. Rumors says that the role play which has happened between Luxembourg and Denmark was prepared in advance, maybe during the informal dinner on Sunday, or in the morning of the Council meeting. If there is no B-item request, one thing that's pretty sure is that the Luxembourg Presidency has lied in public about the unwritten rule and that Krecké has probably misguided Denmark and other countries. But I am pretty sure all of this role play was prepared in advance, and that there was no surprise for Denmark. The way the Danish minister has answered to the Luxembourg arguments was also a joke, and all ministers probably agreed the way this farce has been presented to the public. It would be very interesting to put the Danish minister, and even all of those Council ministers, in a lie detector to know what has really happened in the dark rooms of this building. If Mr Krecké has talked about the wish of 3 countries to have a B-item and that he has justified this impossibility by a something, it means that those countries have asked the Presidency orally. But the walls of the Council meeting room do not have ears, and there is no way to know what have been said."

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