Volvo, Ford and Software Patents

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Volvo, formerly Sweden's national automotive champion, is now part of the Ford group. Volvo has almost no activities in the area of software patenting, even in a wide sense. Yet Volvo has written letters to the European Parliament claiming that its interests would be seriously threatened if the Parliament did not give its support to the software patenting practise of the European Patent Office. Volvo is also part of the Swedish Entreprise Association, which has campaigned for the same position.

Volvo patents

We have searched the whole EPO patent database and found only 6 Volvo patent applications which we suspect of being sofware-related. While none of these was granted so far by the EPO, most of them qualify as patentable subject matter under the European Parliament's postion of September 2003. This fact all the more underlines that Volvo does not have a genuine interest in this field but is just carelessly lending its name for abuse by the patent lawyer network.

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