2004-06-17 UN WIPO policy paper on "IPR, Innovation and SMEs"

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The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) has published a policy paper "Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation in SMEs" which it advertises as follows:

The paper finds that the "IP system" (it refers exclusively to the patent system and its extensions, e.g. utility models, here) is not found useful by most small and medium enterprises and proposes remedies to this problem. These remedies of course do not consist in reducing but in increasing the number of patents granted. In particular, "IP offices" all over the world and governments are exhorted to involve !SMEs in new and more powerful networks of patent experts.

The paper mentions the recent expansion of patentable subject matter to genetics, software, and business methods and states dogmatically that "IP" is of central importance to the functioning of the "knowledge economy", without asking whether broad exclusion rights with the accompanying heavy management burdens are the right form of appropriation for this kind of economy.

The paper cites more economic studies than some previous papers, but the angle of discussion is limited to the question of how to promote the patent system among !SMEs.

There's also some other information to be found in it, however:

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