2004-12-21 DE Statement of Brigitty Zypris, German Minister of Justice

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The German Ministry of Justice has issued a press release discussing today's events in Brussels, in which it signals openness toward further improvements of the Council's position. So far the position of the ministry has been to insist on the political agreement of 18th of May and to relegate everything else to the later stages of the co-decision procedure. This is not really a departure from that but leaves everything open for interpretation.

The Text (English translation)

Computer-Implemented Inventions:

German Ministry of Justice Open-Mindedly Approaches Further Discussion

At the request of Poland, the EU presidency today adjourned the ratification of its Common Position on a draft directive on the patentability of computer-implemented inventions. Poland had expressed a need for further consultations. On 18 May 2004, the EU Competitiveness Council had politically agreed upon a common position on the EU Commission's draft directive, which was slated to be finally ratified today.

Germany's federal minister of justice, Brigitte Zypries, said: "The German government had already achieved a lot with the political agreement in May. Nonetheless, we were well aware that the respective compromise also has room for improvement with an eye to the objective of arriving at a consensus position between the EU Council and the European Parliament. We will continue to work constructively toward finding a solution that even better meets the needs of those concerned than the decision taken in May of this year. In that process, we will also introduce the position meanwhiled formulated by the German parliament (Bundestag) into the discussion in the Council."


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